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Vladimir Olshanskij

Vladimir Olshanskij, actor, director and playwright, is already author of two books: "The Way of Clown. History of Laughter", published by Zebra E, Moscow 2013, and "Handbook of Clowntherapy", ed. Dino Audino, Italy 2017. Author of several dozens of songs, begins writing poetry from childhood. The irony and tragedy of his poetry are part of the tradition of St. Petersburg, where he grew up at the time of Bohemian Café Saigon, a opponent of literature and official culture, an imaginary space in which a clown's mask could hide, unexpectedly, even a philosopher. "Invisible Wings" collects the poetic experiences of all Olshanskij's life. The poems are printed for the first time, in the original language (Russian).
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